Lucky Napkin LIVE is the premiere entrepreneurial gathering featuring some of today's most talked about and successful big idea gurus. For the first time assembled together to help other aspiring and active business owners birth, grow and make money with their great ideas.

We’re hunting for great ideas and great people in all stages of the entrepreneurial journey and we’re offering virtually everything you might need to get it rolling. From education, expertise, money, contacts, management, marketing, design, infrastructure, or just a swift kick in your proverbial butt, to let you know we too believe in you and what you’re capable of.

All Day Event 

Registration Opens at 7 am

Coffee Informal Networking Power Hour at 7:30 am

Lucky Napkin Live Main Room Welcome 8:30 am


Program Highlights

  • Movers and Shakers- Power Networking Mixer
  • How Do I Know If I Really Have a Great Idea?
  • Imaginative Conception- How to Birth a Great Idea
  • Re-imagineering- Breathing New Life Into Old Ideas and Making Them Your Own
  • Creative Cash- Exploiting Traditional and Unorthodox Methods of Finding Money for Your Idea
  • The Golden Rolodex- Your Millions are Hiding in Your Phone Book
  • KEYNOTE: Amilya Antonetti- One Idea Can Change The World
  • I Want To Be on QVC- Harnessing the Power of TV Shopping For Your Great Idea
  • Millions by Mistake- How Everyday People Invent Extraordinary Things
  • Dream it, Build it, Grow it, Sell it- The Experts Steps to Cashing in Your Great Idea
  • The Expert Forum- Open Mic to Ask The Experts Anything You Want
  • Salescology 101- Getting Customers to Buy Into Your Great Idea
  • Protect What You Own- Patents, Trademarks, Copy-writes and Trade Secrets
  • Where Do I Get Started? - Starting Small, Planning Big, Business Basics
  • The Launch Pad- 2 Minutes to Pitch Your Great Idea
  • Small Business, Big Ideas- Visualizing the Bigger Picture in Your Business
  • Hob Nob Alley- Meet & Greet the Critical Service Vendors You Need for Your Great Idea
  • From Business to Brand- “Storycrafting” Your Great Idea From Inspiration to Icon