Amilya Antonetti
Founder, Soapworks
Award Winning Entrepreneur
Best Selling Author

“I want to go into business with you. I’ve never said this to anyone on this show. You’re about as determined and bright a person as anyone I’ve ever met”
Donny Deutsch--
The BIG Idea

Frankly, there are literally hundreds of quotes about Amilya Antonetti that will bring you to tears, spoken by the thousands of people she has influenced and inspired with her personal journey. The words above are some that mean the most to her and bear witness to the sincere positive impact she has on everyone she meets.

If you haven’t heard Amilya Antonetti’s story before, you owe it to yourself to. Google her or visit her site at and read up. This amazing woman is regarded as one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of the 20th century. You’ve seen her in countless magazines like Inc, Entrepreneur, People and Time. And you’ve heard her life altering story on the CBS Morning show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and Oprah to name a few. She’s been featured in dozens of books and written a best seller herself.

She’s the Mom who was determined to help her ailing son and in the process started a soap company, took on the world’s largest corporations and changed the way the world looks at cleaning products forever. Amilya is a true guerilla marketing guru and lifestyle product expert. She sees the “it” before the “it’ even exists and she’s got the “chutzpah” to break down the door when it won’t open to make sure the world knows all about it.

She’s a Lucky Napkin Company Founder and truly the inspiration for all would be Entrepreneurs to emulate.