Lucky Napkin LIVE is the premiere entrepreneurial gathering featuring some of today's most talked about and successful bigidea gurus. For the first time assembled together to help other aspiring and active business owners birth, grow and make money with their great ideas.

Movers and Shakers, Coffee House Networking Power Hour

Doors open at 7-am and the java will be flowing by 7:30. The truly committed great idea visionaries will get there early to stake out the room, get a great seat and start meeting the other early risers. Many of the Lucky Napkin Board of Experts Members will be there along with a few Angels and there will be plenty of napkins to go around for impromptu brainstorming. Every entrepreneur knows success can be measured by the strength of your network and there is no better way to get the ball rolling than over a cup of joe.

The Hobnob Suite – Meet The Most Valuable Critical Service Providers

Great business can only thrive when the infrastructure that supports them is solidified by expert critical services that perform as if their life depended upon your individual success. The HobNob Suite is the place to meet the owners and operators of some of the best critical service providers in the business committed to helping you with your great idea. Bring your business cards and your list of questions and start to assemble your own concrete core of Critical Services that will form the foundation for your success.

The Launch Pad- 2 Minutes to Pitch Your Great Idea.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs would give their left arm to take a short elevator ride with a successful business person they admire just for the chance to pitch their idea. Take a ride in the launch pad and you will get 120 seconds to pitch your great idea directly to all of the founders and Lucky Napkin Board of Experts in a private media room, guaranteed to be seen by the people with the resources and connections to make your great idea come true.

The Expert Forum

If you added up the cumulative sales of the Lucky Napkin Founders and Board of Experts in the course of their entrepreneurial careers the figure would be well in excess of a billion dollars. If you divided it by the hours in a work week you’d have their hourly rate and it would be far more than the price of admission for any one of them. During the expert forum you will have direct access to all the brains at once as they field your questions rapid fire. Nothing is off limits and no question is too tough.