One Idea Can Change The WorldOn the Oprah show

“The journey from new mom to founder of Amilya's Soapworks to Oprah’s "Smart Choice Mom" and now to co-founder of Lucky Napkin has been full of obstacles, disappointments, success, failure, great sacrifice and tons of surprises.” says Amilya Antonetti. “Yet through the journey I never stopped long enough to let disappointment or my apparent weaknesses get in the way of my determination to change the world.”

You have probably heard of Amilya’s story or perhaps seen her on Oprah, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CBS This Morning or any one of the countless media outlets in which she has appeared. Her story has been memorialized in The Best Selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series, as well as magazines and newspapers worldwide. She is a best selling author has shared the stage along side some of the greatest speakers of our generation, such Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Oliver North and Hillary Clinton and has been called one of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

Soapworks on Big Idea She is the mom who was determined to help her ailing newborn son and in the process started a soap company, took on the largest consumer product companies in the world and helped to usher in the human and earth friendly green movement that has captured the world today.

When Amilya takes the stage for her keynote address at Lucky Napkin Live there will not be a dry eye in the house, first from the tears then from the laughter.

She will stun you with her brutal honesty and provide you with more than enough great idea steps to fill your notepad. Her creative genius to find unique ways to "get in the door" "get noticed" and rally people to help her, help others will make your jaw drop that she had the nerve to ‘put it out there’

Amilya's Big Idea She dares to be different is committed to helping others birth their true passions and is one of the few successful serial entrepreneurs that will give you here and now real life directions to the top. Donny Deutsch of The Big Idea on CNBC called her one of his all time favorite guests and you will see why.