Live Events

Ever held your hands over your head on a roller coaster going 90 miles per hour? That’s half of what it feels like to be an entrepreneur.

The adrenaline rush, of synchronized fear and excitement is what we live for, waking up not knowing what the day will bring but believing no matter what we will make it work to our advantage.

Come to a Lucky Napkin Live Event and we’ll show you what entrepreneurship feels like from the inside. You’ll have the chance to meet the team behind Lucky Napkin and some of the “Rock Stars” of Entrepreneurship who are part of our Golden Rolodex. Every event has dynamic new guest speakers, and original topics delivered in an interactive forum that gives you the information you need and the opportunity to get your voice heard.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs would give their left arm to take a short elevator ride with a successful business person they admire just for the chance to pitch their idea. At a Lucky Napkin Live Event, you’ll have a first hand chance to hear their stories, gather their insight, rub elbows, get your questions answered and maybe make an elevator pitch or two.

Lucky Napkin Live -

The all-day entrepreneurial jam session that gathers together the rockstars of entrepreneurship, investors, evangelists, angels and the most creative business geniuses in the country together with you and your great idea.

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