What We Do

In the simplest terms, we’re in business to launch great ideas.

The reality of business is the best ideas can be explained in a few short sentences or drawn on the back of a lucky napkin. Now that doesn'€™t mean, business is simple or that great ideas don't require a heck of a lot of work, money and intelligent planning but it does mean that if it is truly a great idea, an experienced entrepreneur will see it quickly, grab it firmly and run with it as fast as they can.

That is where we come in.

We know what works and why great ideas sometimes fail, because we have each put our money where our mouths are, gotten our entrepreneurial butts kicked and accumulated personal fortunes along the way. Now after years of learning through our own journeys and those of our most successful friends we have created a system to recognize, evaluate and launch ideas quickly helping aspiring entrepreneurs of all levels achieve success, or in some cases avoid a really hard fall.