Why Attend?

Q. What is Lucky Napkin Live?

A. Lucky Napkin Live is the birthplace of great ideas. An all-day, fully loaded agenda of “This is how it’s done!” entrepreneurial intelligence delivered by the superstars of business who have done it themselves and are ready to show you how you can too.

Q. Why should I attend Lucky Napkin Live?

A. Forgive me for saying this but “You would be a fool not to.” Most aspiring entrepreneurs would give their left arm to take a short elevator ride with a successful business person they admire just for the chance to pitch their idea. At Lucky Napkin Live, you will have a front row chance to meet some of the rock stars of entrepreneurship. Men and women who have started with nothing but their aspirations and ideas and built brands and companies that have changed the world and made hundreds of millions of dollars. Be there March 20th at the picturesque Desert Ridge Marriott Resort in Phoenix and you will hear their stories first hand, gather their insight, rub elbows, get your questions answered, make an elevator pitch and possibly meet the “Angel” your looking for to get your idea to market.

Q. How is Lucky Napkin Live different from any other small business seminar or the infomercial “get rich” investment conferences I can go to for free?

A. “Free advice is worth the price.”- Robert Half

Listen. You can go to your local park and watch the beer-league softball tournament for free and probably be entertained but it hardly compares to being at the stadium and meeting the pros. The truth is many entrepreneurs will fail because they are either too egotistical to ask for help or will waste their time and money asking the right questions to the wrong people who spit back bad answers and send them in the wrong directions.

We’re not putting on a show to hear ourselves speak. The experts appearing at Lucky Napkin Live are all successful been there, done that and bought the tee-shirt entrepreneurs who are taking time away from running their companies to be at Lucky Napkin Live in Phoenix March 20th in order to help other entrepreneurs find the pathway to their business dreams.

We’re on the hunt for other like-minded great idea visionaries who have what it takes to change the world and at Lucky Napkin Live we’re offering our expertise and resources to help you get started. Try to find that at a free infomercial small business seminar.

 Q. What is a Lucky Napkin?

A. A great idea simply planned and properly executed that achieves monumental business success. Our company is here to find them, and help them grow.

Q. What is the Lucky Napkin Company?

A. We’re a company founded by entrepreneurs, providing both prospective and active entrepreneurs with information, education, opportunity and access to a suite of critical services needed to take their raw ideas from mind to market and their businesses from creation to cash flow. You’ve probably already heard about us on The Big Idea™ with Donny Deutsch on CNBC® or read about us in The Business Journal, but if you want to learn more,you can read all about us here- http://www.luckynapkin.com